Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Worst day

Woke up early in the morning.. it was raining so heavily...

As usual, normally when it's raining.. I would take a longer route to avoid being drenched... coz i dislike carrying an umbrella around..

So today I walked to the bus stop to take 222 to bedok interchange... waited and waited but see no bus coming after 10mins later.. by then the bus stop is already packed with people... but then that was the beginning of my worst day...

Finally squeezed into the bus and alighted at the interchange.. the next one was the MRT... the entrance of the train was so packed that it overspilled to the other side... damn POWER!~ and i've waited for the 3rd train to get it... Kana squeezed like pancake in the train and basically no need to hold on to anything... and just simply ly on the others can already...

Finally reached office.. and now have to wait for the lift to come... and also packed with people waiting for the lift... my office located on 28th floor and the express one will go straight to 18th and one level by one level... it stops at 18th... 19th... 20th... 21st... and i saw no one pressing 22nd & 23rd... but the door still opened on 22nd... that person came in.. and press 23rd!!!~ kaoz.. almost wanted to kick that person out of the lift... so it basically stopped at each and every level until 28th....

My day arent anything better after that.. still got alot things to do in office... still have to go school... sigh...

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Sch Time

Holiday Over... Sch Starting.. =((
Enjoyed the holidays and did alot of things.

Most importantly picking up a new sports called "Tennis".

Now have to start searching for textbooks.
And also selling off my previous sem textbooks.

Gonna get myself mentally prepared for school.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Exciting Weekend again

Lolx.. i'm going up to Genting again.. consecutive 2 weeks and ppl are saying that i'm a gambler already... serious... i'm getting abit hooked to it.. but i can only stay there for a night.. and the 2nd night i'll get damn tired and bored...

This time round will be going with PeiChing, Hilda, KK, Zhutou and 2 other girls.. total 7 of us sitting at Peiching's 7-seater car... will be meeting them 6am in the morning and start heading there..

Wow.. that was very early for me lor.. and hopefully we will have a safe trip up... Havent even pack my bag yet... have to do it asap... =)))

Last week win quite alot.. let's pray hard to get a big strike this time too.. ^_^

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Yearning for the long weekend

Just one more hour to end my working days.. have been yearning for a long holiday with no work or studies to be bothered with.. wanted to have one right after exams but there were two major projects at work... now things are getting slower and it is the right time.

Tonight i'll be going Malaysia with parents... Zhutou joining me for this time round... our first stop is to go to a condo in malaysia to stay for the night.. and tml morning will be heading up to Genting for 2 nights... then further up to Ipoh for another 2 nights..

So yeah!~ will only be back on Monday night... take care guys/girls!~ And wish me luck to hit the jackpots in Genting!!~


Monday, June 15, 2009

Red Hot Sales

Been getting lazy to write blogs.. perhaps i'm too tired le bah.. but there were many events happened recently.

Just Yesterday I was at the Red Hot Sales, an event organised by SingTel together with the PC shows... competitors were there... StarHub & M1... heard that it is a norm for M1 to recruit those young girls to distrubute the flyers... but for me and my colleagues.. we were all volunteered with some part-timers only... I was assigned together with Xiqiang, Kiat & Zhutou to distribute the flyers outside StarHubs... and both competitors were side side by side...

Anyway.. it was a very tiring task for me.. all the while i dislike distributing flyers.. ever since that time dunno who jio me before to distribute along orchard road... i was died after 3-days of distributing... sigh... anyway.. just for the 2 days off given.. should i be happy or.... anyway.. i'll be taking the 2 days on this coming thurs and friday... finally got the chance to go back malaysia with parent liao... and of coz.. GENTING!!~

Hope that my luck does not use up on Saturday... wahaha.. coz it was my very first 大三元 and i draw the last 白板 myself.. wahaha.... shiok sia.. but i wasnt that lucky on friday night.. coz junyi won his first 十三一 on me sia... =(((( and i lost more than $30 that night... hmmm....

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Last Paper Result outta!!~

Finally the results for the last paper is out.. it was kinda early as they was suppose to be in a riot now... fortunately... my result comes out not bad... here is the final result:

Leadership & Management -> CR (67)
Market Research -> CR (68)
Organisational Theory -> CR (64)

Think i'm destined to get only CR for my degree... proves that i'm just a normal person...

Guess what.. i'm out in the East Coast Park doing my testing at this time.. i was here last night till 1am.. today i'm here again.. tml will be here again!~ sigh... getting tired already sia... =(((

Monday, June 8, 2009

The Sims™ 3

This is a very new game from EA... and i've just downloaded it into my iPhone.. i was so shocked that i've found it in "Installous"... the downloading was fast using my office wireless which is over 150kb/s and my place is... merely 10kb/s only... =(((

Anyway.. successfully installed into my iPhone and created my own Sim... ^_^ manage to play for awhile and that game is very battery-consuming.... and very fast the battery low le...